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Call Center System Model "Star " - Suitable For Companies In Need Of Call Center in Central Organization - TelC International Communication
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Product Details

  • Star
  • TelC
  • Iran
  • 30 to 240 calls
  • 30 to 1000 internal (unlimited definition)
  • 30 to 240 operators (unlimited definition)
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes


Call Center Star for organizations, companies and organizations that require call center or telephone the central organization to thereby control and manage incoming calls, send and receive SMS, send and receive fax and equip enterprise email and related organizations have services on IVR.
The type and scope of activities diversity of tools available in the call center Star is very high due to the type of performance that every customer will benefit from it.
This product can be used in medical centers, service-oriented organizations, educational organizations, relief agencies, security agencies, and companies are medium to large.

Tel multimedia call center software CD including a new call center and IP-based network that allows multimedia facsimile (Fax), Email (Email) and text messaging (SMS) equipped. This software solution for medium to large companies and organizations that require interaction between the organization or outside the organization via phone, email, fax are offered. The software integration with enterprise software such as office automation systems, customer relationship (CRM), and is capable of GIS software, depending on the needs of the organization with all the telephony features and multimedia, or a combination they are implemented. After-sales service centers or outreach centers are examples of practical application environments. Top features of the software subsystems provide call center and multimedia features in a centralized management panel.


Software call center Tel DC A perfect example of engaging the new generation phone systems are the capabilities of many systems PBX gave and by the capabilities of the system from a traditional means that only phone calls to establish an advanced tool to convert have . The new telephone systems in the world today, especially in the business environment can be a competitive advantage in the near future as a business requires tools used.

Some of the distinctive features of Call Center Tel CD include:

  • Integrated data and telephone network and does not require two separate networks with wireless telephony and data separate object
  • The simple ability to increase the number of ports (input lines city) and inner
  • And increase their capabilities in a highly flexible
  • A highly flexible to conform to a variety of network and communications equipment and data
  • Diversity in using a variety of devices and ways of communicating with the system.
  • Manage, control and easy monitoring
  • Accumulation of facilities, phone, fax, voice menus, voicemail VoiceMail and .... in the system and at low cost
  • Ability to communicate between offices within and without cost Vshb (both domestic and abroad) as well as low-cost international calls
  • Ability to communicate with databases and other information systems to create voice portals and automated phone services
  • The possibility of creating a mechanism for call queues and call centers, voice recording, etc., as well as create custom ones you
  • Unable to connect to ordinary phone lines in urban and high-capacity lines E1 (special short numbers 4 and 5-digit)
  • Take advantage of the software with a variety of GW and Access Server that supports SIP protocols, such as Cisco and Quintum Apparatus Co.

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