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Steel Deck Ceiling - Persianama
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Product Details

  • Persian Nama
  • Iran


The benefits of steel roof deck

● 11 times higher execution speed and reduce project completion time and cost
● Saving concrete slab weight loss and thus reduce the dead weight and style of building
● industrialization and reduce system errors caused by human action
● Increasing Tyrryzy, reduce the consumption of steel structure
● excellent resistance to fire and earthquakes
● The higher the security at construction site
● the concrete possibility of all classes
● very easy access to the installations
● a rigid diaphragm roof
● cost cheaper
● reduce the thickness of the roof
● reduce the seismic building
● reduce sound transmission
● decreased by 8% by weight of steel structures and consumer
● piles, formatting and some sub-beams
● comply with the terms of issue of the tenth National Building Regulations
● approved by the Technical Research Center of Housing and Urban Development
● ISO 9001 quality management certification

The disadvantages of steel roof deck

● hardly used in concrete structures with special arrangements required

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