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Antistatic Masterbatch - Model : Aria Add2115 - Aria Polymer Pishgam
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Product Details

  • Aria Add2115
  • Aria Polymer Pishgam
  • Iran
  • Antistatic Masterbatch
  • Antistatic additives are used in PE, PP, thin, thick and ordinary films, agricultural films, sacks and jumbo-bags, corrugated plastic sheets (carton plast), polyolefins, for injection & blow molding of polyethylene, polypropylene and polystyrene parts.
  • Prevents the accumulation of static electricity, improves printing ability, prevents absorbing of dust and soot in plastic products.


Anti -static masterbatch (static antistatic)

Plastic materials are good insulators and can prevent high static loads. Static electricity is produced by passing the film onto the rollers, by passing high-speed cooling from the surfaces, or by accidental collision of plastic parts during transport or storage. The accumulation of static loads can lead to the following process problems: increasing problems during transportation, storage and packaging, dust contamination (which affects both the appearance and performance of the finished product), the risk of electric shocks to workers working with Machinery, the risk of electric discharges that causes fire or explosion. As a result, the use of antistatic additives in plastic products is essential.

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