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UV Light Stabilizer Masterbatch - Arya Polymer Pishgam
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Product Details

  • Aria Add 2170
  • Aria Polymer Pishgam
  • Iran
  • Used in polyolefin injection-molded and extrusion-molded parts such as PE, PP, thin, thick and ordinary films, agricultural films, sacks and jumbo bags, polymer sheets particularly corrugated plastic sheets, pipes and polymer fittings.
  • Increases lifetime of plastic parts in outdoor environments, prevents yellowing or color change in sun light; enhances the resistance of polymeric products to weather conditions.


Anti-UV materials, also known as UV absorbers or UV light stabilizers, are one of the most widely used polymeric additives in the production of injectable and extrusion products of polyolefins, including PP and PE, including thin films, ordinary films, thin films. Agricultural films, sacks, jumbo, polymer sheets, especially plastic cartons, polymer fibers and pipes and fittings are used to increase the life of plastic parts in the outdoor environment, prevent them from yellowing, discoloration and discoloration in the sun, and in The result is greater stability and resistance of polymer products in atmospheric conditions.




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