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  • Syrup - 120 ml
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  • Anti-hyperglycemic
  • Reducing cholesterol level


Effective ingredients 
Administration and Dosage

2 full tablespoon in one glass of warm water, half an hour before breakfast and before sleeping, daily.

Pharmacology and Mechanism of action

Fecal bile acid and cholesterol excretion by fenugreek administration. This may be secondary to a reaction between the bile acids and fenugreek-derived saponins causing the formation of micelles too large for the digestive tract to absorb. Another hypothesis attributes the cholesterol-lowering activities to the fiber-rich gum portion of the seed that reduces the rate of hepatic synthesis of cholesterol. It is likely that both mechanisms contribute to overall effect.

Moreover, the galactomannan-rich soluble fiber reaction of fenugreek may be responsible for the antidiabetic activity of the seed. Insulintrophic and antidiabetic properties also have been associated with amino acid 4-hydroxyisoleucine that occurs in fenugreek at a concentration of about 0.55%. In vitro studies have indicated that this amino acid causes direct pancreatic β-cell stimulation. Delayed gastric emptying and inhibition of glucose transport also have been postulated as possible mechanisms.

ContraindicationsDuring pregnancy
Adverse Effects 
Drug interactionsIn the duration of consumption of this product, consumption of any chemical medicine must be done under medical supervision.
  • After consumption of this product, in first twenty days, the patient’s fast blood sugar (FBS) may increase. In the case of improving in patient’s overall health, the consumption must be continued.
  • After 45, the amount of blood sugar will be decreased.
  • Store in the temperature lower than 30°C.
  • Probable sediment doesn’t have any effect on quality of the drug; if so shake the container before use.
  • The composition of this product is completely herbal and has been formulated based on traditional prescriptions.

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