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IdealQ Appointment scheduling Software
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Product Details

  • Iran
  • Ideal Processing Technology Pars
  • Appointment scheduling through internet, phone, SMS, in person, with Android app, telegram, U Code
  • All medical and therapeutic centers such as hospitals, general and specialized clinics, medical imaging centers, laboratories and offices, etc.


About the idea of ​​switching software

Nowadays, with the growth of new technologies and the expansion of access to the World Wide Web, the existence of a system that can regulate the repeat procedures and speeds up the affairs of the visitors and is easy to access at the same time is necessary. One of the shortcomings that these days are most noticeable in traffic centers is the high incidence rate, a comprehensive turnaround system with a wide range of facilities that can cover all the needs of all individuals. The Idea QoS software has been designed and implemented with the aim of improving the turnaround process in automated and non-user-driven centers. By installing and launching this software while serving customers, all troublesome and time-consuming operations are eliminated, and the process of executing the centers is expedited. In such a way that all users have the same opportunity to receive the services provided, as well as the amount of time spent in attendance has diminished, which will play a significant role in creating order and serendipity with better service, faster speed and more efficiency. . In this section, the IdealPraser Fanavaran Pars is preparing a special software for a particular customer. The steps and responsibilities of the company include all stages of creating the software from the recognition and analysis phase, then the design and subsequent implementation of the software will be done. At the end, after completing the implementation phase of the program and launching the software, the idea will be put on the agenda. It should be noted that in this process, the experts of the company according to the knowledge that they obtain in the first stage of the customer organization and the planning that will be done until the end of the work along with the organization, and by presenting different strategies at the stage of launching the system Unacceptability of the sanctions on the part of the minor will be at least zero.

The Advantages of Using the Ideal Quotation Switch

 It is possible to monitor and monitor the number of times received per day, week, or any time interval.

 Creating justice in providing services to customers.

 The recipient receives an appointment without needing to visit, which reduces his / her financial and temporal costs.

 Increasing customer satisfaction and consequently maintaining current customers and even attracting new customers.

 To provide various ways of communication to customers (telephone, Internet and presence)

 Dependence on the person and influence on the provision of turns.

 Avoid waste of time and customer confusion.

 Speed ​​of service and turn-around will increase dramatically!

 Reduce repetitive procedures and reduce the error factor.

Some features of the QWorld Idea Switch

 It is possible to define managers, experts and system operators in an organizational hierarchy.

 It is possible to define the expertise of managers, service groups and sub-groups of each specialty indefinitely

 It is possible to define a work calendar, work shifts and time intervals for giving turns.

 It is possible to specify the start and end hour of the turn

 It is possible to switch according to the national code or insurance number

 It is possible to switch according to the mobile number

 It is possible to search the turns based on the section, the code provided, the contact number of the recipient and ...

 It is possible to connect to the Internet Payment Portal for online payment

 It is possible to provide a variety of reports, such as: booked booked, canceled, number of customer visits, times that there is no booking time, number of calls by each contact number, number of times booked by each contact number, calls that are the highest and the lowest Have booked the number of times and ... at each interval and in different parts.

 The possibility of linking the system with all HIS software used in treatment centers

 It is possible to prove individual identity using a one-use password

 SMS sending panel for information

 Possibility of cancellation in case of possible problems with SMS

 It is possible to recall the time at the time specified by the employer or secretary by SMS.

 The ability to create a blacklist for cute clients

 It is possible to connect to the recall system

 Possibility of turning through telegram robot

 It is possible to switch through Android software

 It is possible to dial by phone

 Possibility of switching through the protocol USSD

 Synchronization of all turns taken from different methods and the inability to interrupt the turn

 It is possible to define the type of switching:

- The turn is based on the first time available

- In turn, according to the date entered by the user (in this case, the customer will be informed from the first date with the free time to book the turn)

- Selection based on the number of times presented by the system randomly

Easy-to-launch locations for the idea of ​​switching software

 All medical and therapeutic centers, such as hospitals, clinics and general and specialized clinics, image centers and laboratories and offices

 Beauty centers and salons for women and men

 Electronic city services and subscribers of cellular operators

 Photographic and video cameras

 Hotels, restaurants and fast food

 Centers and departments of car repairs and carwashes and other centers that are considering the most useful and optimal use of all their working hours.

Types of turning for IdealQ

 Internet

 Telephone


 Separate attendance

 through the Android app

 Telegram

 through code U

Internet : In this method, referrers refer directly to your website and simply click a few clicks, after seeing the workdays, the turning point simply receives your turn and if you are willing to pay all or part of The cost (to the employer's choice).

Telephone: The rotation is done by dialing the phone number assigned to the phone so that after the connection, the roaming receiver can process the steps according to the predefined guides and check the idle time (by the system). At the end of the date and time, the call is received by SMS.

SMS : In this method, the system sends the user information with the first SMS message from the customer with information on how to receive the switch, and after following the customer's SMS process, it will eventually lead to the announcement of the date and time of the visit It will be.

In-person attendance: In-person appointment is such that the referral or relatives will be taken to the premises at an hour prior to the presence of the employer in the center with an ID card. The benefits of this easy-to-use turn-around, low dependence on e-resources, pay-per-view costs, and the lack of e-learning knowledge.

Telegram : Today, Telegram has become a universal and accessible software for all ages and people. One of the features that this software provides users with is the ability to request and respond via a telegram robot. One of the applications of this robot is the possibility of switching to different businesses. The customer goes to the dedicated robot of the center, and it's easy to get it.

USSD : In this method, the receiver can receive a turn-by-turn procedure using any kind of mobile phone, whether it is smart or smart, by dialing a dedicated code and by taking simple and short steps. Also, if the employer determines, the turning point may be required to pay all or part of the cost.

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