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Taximeter - Control Gostar Kahroba
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Product Details

  • Kahroba Industrial Group
  • Iran
  • 64 x 128 graphic
  • PVC
  • ABS
  • Possibility to connect to a computer and extract performance charts, switching power supply with high protection level, accurate pulse accuracy, noise free



  1. 64 x 128 graphic display
  2. Ability to connect to the computer and extract the performance charts (management and traffic control software)
  3. Selectable switching power supply with high protection
  4. Accurate pulse reading and no noise
  5. Display and notify parameters

- Display distance, time and amount per passenger for up to four people simultaneously

- Display the amount after calculating with a large font for a better view

- View the entire distance, the time the machine is turned on, the characteristics of the driver and the car ...

- Displays and informs taximeter status, standard cost calculation and alerts

  1. Ability to edit and edit software
  2. Record time, RTC date
  3. The presence of a buszer to indicate the taximeter status and prevent frequent checking by the driver
  4. Ability to determine different cost calculation algorithms
  5. Possibility to connect to serial systems (GPS, GSM)
  6. Ability to record vehicle and driver specifications
  7. System (Watchdog) to prevent system lock and software errors
  8. Low energy consumption and resistance to temperature variation
  9. Using Farsi, English and custom fonts
  10. Infrared control by the inspector
  11. USB output cables
  12. Display the temperature inside the cabin with animations and warnings
  13. Suitable PVC panel
  14. The body of the ABS is the body
  15. The possibility of implementing large-scale management plans in the field of inland transport fleet
  16. Have Iran code 2384100554940001

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