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Smart Control System For Farms & Greenhouses - Control Gostar Kahroba
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  • Control Gostar Kahroba
  • Iran
  • Water resources smart management, installation maintenance, detecting system defects, remote troubleshooting, protection against costly incidents, controlling accessories


The management and optimization of the water consumption in present climate and geographical condition of Iran is needed more than any time. It needs to be considered in all water industries. The knowledge based company of Kahroba, as one of the elected companies in Shaykh Bahaaee Festival, Emtenan, Eminent National Entrepreneur, and etc. as well as its own experiences in designing and producing systems of water and energy resources management, proudly presents one of the best and most effective water management system necessary for the industry owners, farmers and orchard growers. The series of these products, under the commercial brand name of "Echo Drop", have been provided in some forms with variable capabilities needed for the required uses. It is expected that these systems help the users not only to manage water resources smartly but also help them in maintaining the installations, informing the defects in system, remote error detecting, avoiding the costly incidents as well as controlling the other facilities. The optimization of the energy consumption and the reduction of maintenance are also the important purposes of this project. The details will be introduced alongside with the features of the system below.

Controlling submersible and water pumps

One of the most important features of these systems is to remote controlling the pumps with SMS, calling and/or radio remote as well as timer programming. This feature makes the time managing of irrigation and water supplying possible.

Power cabinet defect detecting

As defect detecting in power cabinet always requires the presence of a technician as well as spending time and money, the “Echo Drop” facilities have designed and programmed in such a way to detect and inform some probable and important defects like the error in phase controlling, overloading relays, power cut and floaters. Therefore this reduces the expenses of the system function stop because of quick awareness and informing of the type of the defect. If necessary the service man will come with the knowing of the defect.

-The freezing of the installations and the high temperature in defected electronic and mechanical systems can cause damages. These can be detected by using temperature sensors.

-Controlling the lighting, especially at nights, in orchards, farms and villas has always been a problem and sometimes with dangers for the owners. “Echo Drop” has solved this problem by using lighting management system through calling, SMS and remote radio.

-“Echo Drop” can also report robbery and control the passer by in those places as well as building or any other ones by connecting to the movement eye detector micro switches. (“Echo Drop” has been designed by KGK for managing water resources and the mentioned above topic is a side feature of this system, therefore, the company does not take any responsibility for any robbery due to the connection via SMS or probable manipulation of the system.)

-Monitoring the sensors of the water pressures in pipes is the most important feature of the “Echo Drop”. This feature shows the amount of the pressure in the pipe lines that is one of the most important parameters of the system for accurate managing of the modern irrigations. It can also identify the broken pipe and wasting of water by detecting sudden decline in water pressure. It can also report the blockage in pipe lines and the stealing of the risers by detecting sudden increase of water pressure. The lifetime of the irrigation systems has also got direct connection to the pressure, therefore, the constant monitoring of the pressure can remarkably help the management of the pipe lines.

-The Android program of the “Echo Drop” has provided easy handling of the system even for low educated staff. Meanwhile it can provide special capabilities for the experts better managing and monitoring of the water. This application is constantly updating and providing new managing features. This application uses simple and specialized menus. It provides accessing the controlling system without texting and only with graphic environment.

-The warning reserve is an option for connecting some other sensors like fire alarming, micro switches, lightings, and etc. The supervisors and/or the installation team can use these options after consulting with the users.

-Connection to the volume meter for monitoring the used water is another option that has been designed for more specialized “Echo Drop” samples.

The radio remote is also provided for some other “Echo Drop” samples. This can be used alongside the SMS and controlling via callings for the distance less than 3 km.

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