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Nano Additive - Model : Aria Nano - Aria Polymer Pishgam
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Product Details

  • Aria Nano
  • Aria Polymer Pishgam
  • Iran
  • Improves mechanical and physical properties of the product
  • High impact strength, high softening temperature, lower final cost
  • UPVC Profile


UPVC is a cheap polymer with good performance, good chemical resistance and good thermal and mechanical properties. Along with UPVC's good properties, the big problem with UPVC industries, including pipe, fittings and door and window profiles, is the fragility of these products. Therefore, UPVC manufacturers will have to use expensive refinement enhancers that will increase the cost of their products.

The Pioneer Aria Polymer research and development team has succeeded in designing and producing special additives that include suitable nanoparticles, which greatly improves the impact properties of UPVC products by using these additives.

Some of the Nano Additives UPVC Pioneer Ariaplymer includes:

- High impact strength

Tube: Increases by 4 times compared to standard

Connections: 12-fold increase compared to standard

Window and door profiles: an increase of 2.5 times the standard

- Vicat softening point high

- Reduce final product cost

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