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Adhesive - Model: 4100t250 - Aria Polymer Pishgam
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  • 4100t250
  • Aria Polymer Pishgam
  • Iran


Interlayer adhesive for packaging films


Multilayer packaging films with a special structure are designed for use in food packaging. These films have the ability to protect food for a long time due to their ability to prevent the penetration of oxygen and moisture. This ability is achieved by combining polar and non-polar polymers in a multilayer film structure. But due to incompatibility between the components, there is poor adhesion between the layers. To solve this problem, a new generation of adhesives called interlayer adhesives have been designed .

Interlayer adhesive in multilayer film structure

Polyethylene or polypropylene, as common polymers used in film production, are combined with polar polymers such as EVO , PA and PET in a multilayer structure using a coagulation process. But the main challenge in these films is the quality of adhesion between the incompatible layers. Accordingly, interlayer adhesive with dual functionality is used as an adhesion enhancer and an adapter between the two layers .

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