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Router Model: ZR-X251 - With 9 Ports RJ-45 (GE) - Zharf Pouyan Toos Company
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Product Details

  • Iran
  • ZR-X251
  • Zharf Pouyan Toos
  • Provides a small or medium branch to an enterprise network (Access Level Small / Medium Router).
  • 1 U Rackmount
  • 8 ports E1
  • 9 ports RJ-45 (GE)
  • Zharf OS (native development)
  • Supports static and dynamic routing (RIP, OSPF, BGP, EICRP) - Supports MPLS - Supports routing between VLANs (IEEE 802.1 Q) - Full compatibility with existing routers.
  • - Support IPv4, IPv6 and MPLS addressing - Supports VRRP, DNS, NAT, NTP, DHCP protocols
  • Supports SIPv2, H.323 and Voice-Over-E1 trunk - Supports VoIP trunk authentication - Configurable as gateway and gatekeeper in h.232 communications - Supports various types of codecs with integrated phone management Analog and IP
  • Support for all types of LAN modules - 1Gbps RJ-45 Modules - 1Gbps SFP and SFP + 10Gbps Modules Supports all types of WAN modules - Module E1 (Voice / Data) - Serial and AUX Modules - FXO / FXS Modules - STM Module
  • - Access to Cisco-compatible CLI through Cocsole, SSH and Talent - Access to a powerful and secure graphic interface - Support SNMP, Netflow, Syslog management protocols - Backup and restore options and Zharf OS routers - Support for Autoupdate monitoring capabilities
  • -Ability to categorize traffic based on various types of parameters - Priority setting and bandwidth setting for each class. - RES, WRED, Shaping and bandwidth assurance. - Supports queue types (WFQ, PQ, CBWFQ, LLQ). Support for Hierarchical Qos (L5HQOS) in various levels
  • - Supports GRE and IP-in-IP tunnels - Allows IPSec tunnels to be set to Site-to-Site, Point-to-Point, and DMVPN shapes - Supports standard and standard hash algorithms - Replace encryption and hash algorithms. With client algorithm
  • -Supports Standard and Extended access lists -Intelligent filtering for input and output of interfaces and telecommunications - Software and hardware error tolerance -Resistance against intruder attacks -Ability to communicate with Radius and Tacacs servers and Use the URPF feature to enhance security


Features and benefits of the ZR-X251 router

  • Being able to communicate and interact with other existing routers such as Cisco, Juniper, Huawei and ...
  • Supports dynamic routing protocols such as OSPF, RIP and BGP
  • Support for various security features such as firewall, IPSec tunneling, GRE tunneling and ...
  • Enables various traffic management capabilities such as NAT, QoS and ...
  • With various management features such as Syslog, Netflow, SNMP and ...
  • Support for important voice communication and connectivity features such as H323, SIP and voice over E1 lines
  • Access to the router in a variety of ways, such as console connection, SSH, and secure Web-based UI access
  • Support for various communication platforms such as Ethernet and E1

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