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Network Monitoring System (Zharf Kaav) - Zharf Pouyan Toos Company
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  • Iran
  • ZR-X201
  • Zharf Pouyan Toos
  • Depending on the importance and sensitivity of the organization's information, applies different levels of safety supervision for a safe and productive work environment and minimizes management and security concerns.
  • -Detecting sensitive data extraction through network -Detecting files' transfer and running by users which may lead to sabotage or espionage -Supervising users' behavior in working environment to detect possible irresponsibility and illegal behaviors -Preventing cost and time waste through supervising users' activities in network and internet -Preventing, detecting and tracing organizational crimes through defining dynamic rules for organizations' network management and supervision


Zharf Kaav System

In recent years, with the increasing expansion of the Internet and network services, the use of the Internet and electronic services in organizations and offices has expanded, and along with many positive aspects, it presents potential risks and threats to organizations in the areas of security, security and work efficiency. has led to. Subversive activities, espionage, extraction of valuable and confidential information from the organization, irresponsible activities in the workplace that compromise the financial, security and ethical interests of the organization; non-work activities such as chat, web browsing and unusual use of the enterprise's Internet, which wasting time And the cost is in the organization, and there are some issues, it makes the need for monitoring systems and event logging in corporate networks to become a necessity for all organizations. For this reason, in particular, in developed countries, the technological and legal mechanisms of organizational oversight have been considered so that, depending on the sensitivity and importance of the organization's information, it can be ensured by applying different levels of oversight to create a safe and productive work environment and address the management and protection concerns in this area. Minimize

DeepCoat's corporate network monitoring system is a native product of Deep Pouyan Toos Company, based on the latest technology in the world, with the goal of comprehensive and immediate monitoring of user activities in enterprise networks.

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