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Static Mixer - Kara Sanat Tadbir Paya
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Product Details

  • Kara Jet
  • Iran
  • Products are shipped according to customers' request and with export packages. If required, inspection of the product before shipment is possible by international inspection entities such as SGS.


Due to product customization, the price is determined after product design and according to size, weight, material and ...


Static Mixer:

Static mixers are continuous radial mixing devices, characterized by an effective degree of plug flow, depending on the specific design and application. They range in size from a few millimeters in diameter to units with equivalent diameters exceeding 3 m and volumes exceeding 100 m3. Static mixers make a high degree of homogeneity in a very short length of pipe.



  • No moving parts
  • Low maintenance cost
  • No sealing problems
  • Useful when limited space or access
  • Applicable for both laminar and turbulent flow regime
  • Simple, compact and energy efficient


Applicable Codes and Standards:

  • ASME Sec. VIII, div. 1
  • ASME B31.3




Kara Sanat static mixers contain a wide range of applications including blending and dispersion in both laminar and turbulent flow. Depending on the type of elements inside the mixer, pressure drop and degree of homogeneity change, furthermore elements determine in which flow regime the mixer is applicable.


  • KMS: Twisted ribbon or bowtie type with alternating left and right hand twists. They are applicable in both laminar and turbulent flow. KMS are also good choices for liquid- liquid or gas in liquid dispersion when regime is turbulent.




  • SMX: Guide vanes are intersecting bars at 45˚ to the pipe axis. These mixers are applicable for both laminar and turbulent flow. They are good choices in laminar flow when mixing/ blending, high-low viscosity and dispersion is required.




  • SMV: Corrugated plates running at 30 or 45˚ to the pipe axis. They are applicable just in turbulent flow. These mixers are good choices when liquid- liquid dispersion, gas in liquid or liquid in gas is required.




  • LPD & LLPD: A series of semielliptical plates discriminately positioned in a tubular housing. They are applicable in low and high turbulent flow. LLPD can be used if low pressure drop is required.




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