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Sea Master Software (Vessel Management Solution) - Atlas Rahbar Darya Company
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Product Details

  • Iran
  • Atlas Rahbar Darya
  • Increase 100% efficiency, increase 100% power of management, increase 100% personnel management
  • Reducing costs, increasing efficiency, increasing control and supervision
  • Unique design in accordance with global standards, the creation of evolution in floating management processes, under the auspices of Asian classification experts, the approval of the High Council of Informatics
  • Technical Verification Certificate form Informatics Supreme Council, Approval Certificate from Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Certificate of review and advice from the Asia Classification Institute


Software CD mastering software Integrated floating in accordance with world standards design and implementation has been, making this application for 2 years lasted and what software CD Master to provide users is the result of research and development Extensive, in order to reduce the problems of floaters. Using this software, the mode of operation of the shipowners will gradually become standardized and work processes will be rectified. In addition, reducing floating costs is quite obvious after a short time. In addition, the application of this system minimizes the involvement of floating owners with third parties and causes the owner to be aware of the slightest floating issues at any time; this increases control and awareness, improves crew performance, and floats technical health.

Why do you need Sea Master?

Reduce floating costs:

- Reduced repair costs

- Decrease purchase of supplies and parts

- Reduced floating sleep risk

Increased efficiency and floating productivity:

- Safe and technically operational

- More efficiency due to increased efficiency

Increased control and monitoring:

- Increase control over crew float function

-Seeing the latest technical and operational status of the floating


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