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Polarizing Microscope - Petro Pajouhesh Ahoura
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Product Details

  • Other
  • Iran
  • Petro Pajouhesh Ahoura
  • Mineralogical and geological studies
  • 360 degrees
  • Mineralogy and Detection of Mining Offsets
  • Wider than other commercial microscopes
  • Adjust able light system and rotating plate together
  • Compressed
  • Low


This polarizing light microscope is designed for mineralogical and geological studies and purposes. The 360 ​​° rotary plate is specially designed for mineralogy and detects the angle of mines. The polarizing light system, designed and set up by Petro Research, specifies the precise Minerals studied by the Ahura Bairfrance. There are several lenses of magnitude 4 to 100 times that allow the study to be carried out on a variety of scales. It's worth noting that the range of vision in this device is wider than other commercial microscopes. At the time of production, the light system and the rotating plate are aligned together, and the microscope is always in the middle axis. The compact size and low weight (about 3 kg) is another benefit of this microscope.

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