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Rockawax Code: MUPE-100 - As Filler, Softener & Coating - Rock Chemie Company
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Product Details

  • Other Inorganic Salts
  • Rock Chemie
  • Iran
  • Oxidized polyethylene
  • Non-ionide
  • 8 to 8.5
  • 1 ± 98
  • 75 to 80 degrees centigrade
  • 12 months
  • Less than 3
  • Harmless
  • 25 kg polyethylene bags


Rockwell Technologies MUPE-100

The first method:

Step 1: Make up to 65% to 90% water with no 80% ions, using pH acetic acid to 5 to 6. The water hardness should not exceed 50 ppm .

Step 2: Set 10 to 35% of the MAVE -100 in the mixer and set it at 35 to 65 rpm and turn on for 30 to 60 minutes so that the flakes completely dissolve in a uniform material. . When you are sure that all the flakes are dissolved in water, it should lower the temperature to 45 degrees and then empty.


Note that during the mixing process, the temperature of the water should not be lowered from 78 to 80 degrees.


The second method:

Contain the values ​​of Mauer-100 and Moon- ion-free water in a mixer at a temperature between 75 ° C and 80 ° C. Turn on the mixer at a speed of 35 to 65 rpm for 30 to 60 minutes.


advices :

It is necessary to add a strong preservative for emulsions that are stored for more than one seventh. Adding 0.2% of the Rock pesticide produced by Rocky Chemical Company and 0.1% Sodium Benzoate. Although it is highly stable in environmental conditions, it is recommended to stir before use.



This wax is soluble in water and provides a uniform and stable emulsion.

This material is free from non-standard chemicals such as aldehydes, detergents, alkaline phenol ethoxylates, and the like.

It is compatible with a wide range of anionic and cationic additives.

This material can be diluted with various types of aromatic solvents and organic esters.

This substance does not have a nasty smell and can be used with a wide range of aromatic additives.

It's very easy to move.

The emulsion dyeing ability of this material is suitable with organic colors.

This material can be used in various industries.



Stitching industry:

The 15% emulsion of this product is a superb finish that can be enhanced by the use of a micro-emulsion silicone stabilizer such as RAS-25 , which can enhance the finish of the metal and wood surfaces (for example, car polishing)


Leather wax (natural / synthetic):

The emulsion of this material has a filling and softening properties and has an excellent effect on natural leather. This emulsion should be added to a paint resin of 2-3%. This material also prevents the sticking of leather to the press equipment. After finishing the leather, you can use a mixture of 20% emulsion with emulsion silicone (RAKA Soft TIMA ) as the final and final layer of leather.


Textile industry:

20% emulsion is a good emollient and enhances fabric sewing ability. This wax can be combined with other types of printing agents (cationic and anionic and non-ionic), non-knitting resins, fluoro-carbon resins, anti-watering resins, and resin coatings.


Wood industry:

This material is very good for wood types. An emulsion of 35 to 40 percent of this wax can be applied to the wood using spray, pencil, and dipping. It also protects expensive wood from scratches and rubbing during displacement. The emulsion of this material, both alone and in combination with acrylic emulsion resins, is a very good coating for woodworking equipment. Like anti-icing agents such as Rockwool USD , the emulsion of this material also increases the resistance of wood to cold and rainy weather. In the coating of home appliances, the use of this material along with other additives creates a miracle of beauty and strength.


Resin industries:

As an additive, Rawkwax MUPE-100 plays an important role in resistance, weighting and softening resins such as homopolymer and copolymer, acrylic and styrene emulsions. Adding 10% to 30% of the emulsion will make 25% of this material to 65-90% of the resin.

Paper industry:


The MUPE-100 emulsion is a powerful coating agent for filling and tightening resistant papers.


Agriculture industry :

This material is a good coating agent for protecting trees, stems, and all types of fruits against weather conditions.


Cracking industries:

Adding 2 to 10% of this material to industrial detergents can cause the softening of the materials to be washed (especially at a temperature above 80 ° C)

Dyed metals:

By solubilizing the MUPE -100 Rockwell in organic solvents and spraying it into expensive metals such as titanium or steel, or dipping these metals into these solvents, they can be protected against damage caused by displacement.


Traveling expensive cars:

Using the 25 to 45% emulsion, Mupe-100, can protect any vehicle against lag during travel, without having a negative effect on vehicle color.


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