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Gram Mobile App - Motahar Net Pars Company
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Product Details

  • Iran
  • Mteam (Motahar Net Pars Company)
  • Yes
  • Yes
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  • Content production, smart notification, conceptualization in public opinion, Full monitoring of content, Increasing audience range, Informing through a new and up-to-date media, Creating brand popularity in the minds of the audience, Income from different methods of software


Conducting various topics simultaneously and periodically and at intervals specified by the system administrator
Capable of capturing images through the app itself and tagging them
Access the mobile and tablet gallery via the app
View photos of users in different topics
View the most popular, most perl-all and most downloaded images for topics
Create personal profile and profile of other users
Advancement in the network in terms of producing appropriate content for the purposes of collecting and illustrating in public through raising Rank
Ability to edit the image before posting
Ability to define the channel and the ability to create and manage topics defined by the channel manager
View the list of previous races winners
Possibility to apply copyright law to photos so that only the button in the application can take pictures and participate in the contest.
Possibility to insert the logo or logo of the company and organization related to images captured through the application.
Save the photo to the app itself and send it to the current thread
Viewing, commenting and expressing (LIKE) photos by users
The ability to categorize photos based on the maximum number of viewers, the most likes (LIKE), date and title
Controlling and applying comments on the content of images and comments submitted by the system administrator to control and preserve values
Specify the winner of the contest by the system administrator

A native and organizational photo and video-oriented social networking site with the ability to create an unlimited gallery of images that allows its users and audiences to take photos or videos for the various topics defined, and send them to the network. Likewise, they can post and comment on different galleries, photos, or videos posted by the admin (software administrator) or other users.

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