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Sugar Free Chocolate Spread - Kamvar
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Isomalt: Isomalt is made from beet sugar, instead of 99.8% sugar is used in this product. The amount of calorie isomalt is half that of sugar that controls obesity, so it is suitable for people under slimming regimens. It does not raise blood glucose and insulin levels and is suitable for diabetics. It also prevents tooth decay, which is very suitable for children. Other properties of this substance can be noted to improve the function of the intestines, which is due to the fiber's properties and thus its laxity.

Cocoa: A rich source of magnesium. Magnesium balances the chemical activity of the brain, strengthens bones and delights. Cocoa and cocoa chocolate reduce the process of tooth decay (an activity that directly causes tooth decay). A dietitian cocoa properties has been cited as adding cocoa additives to cocoa, as it is anticancer, adding cocoa additives. He noted other cocoa properties with an emphasis on cocoa anti-cancer properties, blood pressure control, blood circulation improvement, cardiovascular enhancement, cough and anti-diarrhea effects.

Ace Sulfam Potassium: This substance, which is about 200 times as sweet as sweet, is harmless and resistant to heat and has not yet been reported to be carcinogenic. Acesulpham potassium is excreted without digestion and is also used in liquid and chewable medicines.

Ingredients: Extremely normal isomalt (E953), edible vegetable oil, low fat cottage cheese, cocoa powder, lecithin, potassium ace sulfamate (E950), vanilla

Packing: half a glass

Number in carton: 24 pcs

Nutrition Facts Sheet per 30 grams equivalent to two tablespoons

Daily value% dv

Per share

Amount per share



143/82 kcal

total fat


9/49 g



0/93 g

Total carbohydrates


18/66 g

sugar Loaf


0/49 g

Sodium in mg



* There are no DV definitions for this effective material.

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