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Sweetener - 50 pcs. - Kamvar
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  • Kamvar
  • Iran
  • 100000000 Cartons Per Order
  • 24 Packs


Izomalt: Isomalt is made from beet sugar, instead of 99.8% sugar is used in this product. The amount of calorie isomalt is half the sugar that controls obesity, so it is suitable for people underweight. It does not raise blood glucose and insulin levels and is suitable for people with diabetes and also prevents caries that are very suitable for children. Other properties of this substance can be noted to improve the function of the intestines, which is due to the fiber's properties and thus its laxity.

Sucralose: Sucralose is the only sugar-free calorie sweetener that is 600 times sweeter than sugar. It is easily soluble in water and can be easily used in baking for good stability.

Sucralose benefits:

  • The combination of the unique taste of sucralose, which is completely "sugar-like" and its excellent resistance has led to the sweetener's superiority from other sweeteners, and the replacement of sugar in all types of foods and beverages including home-made foods and cooking recipes. Sokraloz has a taste similar to sugar. Which is completely understandable and unpleasant taste.

  • Sucralose has a sweet taste and its sweetness remains in the mouth and leaves no unpleasant taste in the mouth.

  • Sucralose does not produce energy because it does not break like a sucrose and quickly passes through the body without any changes.

  • Sucralose has been extensively studied in over 100 research studies over a period of 20 years and found to be completely safe and dangerous and has not yet documented any adverse effects, such as dental caries, diabetes mellitus, genetic changes, cancer Immunological problems, central nervous system disorders and environmental degeneration and fetal defects have not been disclosed.

  • This sweetener is usable for all segments of society, including pregnant women, nursing mothers and children of all ages.

  • Sucralose is useful for people who want to reduce their calorie intake.

  • Sucralose is used as a sweetener in food supplements, pharmaceuticals, vitamins, and mineral and pharmaceutical supplements.

  • Another advantage of sucralose is that it does not cause tooth decay and is a toothache, since oral bacteria do not recognize it as a source of food, so it does not cause tooth decay.


Isomalt (E953), Sucralose (E955)

Weight: 50 Sacchettes

Number in carton: 24 pcs

Nutrition Factsheet Sugar Free Sweeteners With Sucralose
Number of packages in each pack 50 - 1 x 1 g equivalent to 1 sachet
Approximate energy of 2.9 kcal
Reference quantity
(NRV *) Nutrients
nutritional factsOne of the most important items


*Total fat (g)0
*Total carbohydrate (g)1/07
*Sugar (g)0
0Protein (g)0
0Saturated fatty acids (g)0
*Acidic Trance (g)0
0/02Sodium (mg)0/36

* For these values, the percentage of NRV is not defined.

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