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Sweetener - 300 gr - Kamvar
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  • 6260118560306
  • Kamvar
  • Iran
  • 100000000 Cartons Per Order
  • 24 Packs


Ozometal : Isomalt, which is made from beet sugar, is used instead of 99.8% sugar in all its dietary products. The amount of calorie isomalt is half that of sugar that controls obesity, so it is suitable for people under slimming regimens. It does not raise blood glucose and insulin levels and is suitable for diabetics. It also prevents tooth decay, which is very suitable for children. Other properties of this substance can be noted to improve the function of the intestines, which is due to the fiber's properties and thus its laxity.


Isomalt (E953), Maltodextrin, Sucralose (E955)

Weight: 300 g

Number in carton: 24 pcs

Sugar Free Sucrose Sugar Nutrition Factsheet with Sucralose
Number of packages per package 75 - The size of the 4th is 4 grams
The estimated energy consumption is 20/20 kcal
Reference quantity
(NRV *) Nutrients
nutritional factsOne of the most important items


*Total fat (g)0
*Total carbohydrate (g)3/90
*Sugar (g)0/12
0Protein (g)0
0Saturated fatty acids (g)0
*Acidic Trance (g)0
0/07Sodium (mg)1/32

* For these values, the percentage of NRV is not defined.

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