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Tube Furnace - Model: YTF 1250 30×12 - Yaran Furnace
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Product Details

  • YTF 1250 30×12
  • Yaran Furnace
  • Iran
  • Resistive - Thumb - Horizontal
  • 1250⁰C
  • 1150⁰C
  • L : 120cm Ø : 12cm
  • 30 cm
  • PID Controlling
  • 10 steps
  • K-A1
  • K
  • Ceramic Fiber Board
  • Water Cooling For Heating Chamber And Air Circulation For Electrical Box
  • Rotary, Vertical, Multiplier Tubes, CVD, PECVD tubes are also available.
  • Needle Valves, Gas Mixer, Gas Preheating System, Flowmeters,…
  • Quartz


Tube Furnaces are one of the most well-known laboratory furnace types and known as Retort Furnace and Tunnel Furnace with a tiny difference in various industries. By the means of clean working atmosphere and wide range of applications and abilities they are one of the most used furnaces in laboratories and industry.
The main characteristics of these furnaces are clean atmosphere, atmosphere control ability, vacuum ability, gas cleaning and purge and flow of neutral gases. Considering the isolation of hot zone (inside the tube) atmosphere from heating chamber, elements and insulators, especially the ceramic boards, this type of furnace is popular due to prevention from reaction or pollution of the sample and a variety of reactions (oxidizing/reducing) and atmospheres (oxidizing/reducing/neutral or vacuum) can be implemented inside.
Yaran Tube Furnaces are mostly manufactured in series, however in some cases they can be customized to meet the required specifications of the process. As default tube flanges for gas purging and vacuum, protector heat shields and gas controlling valves are included in the package. By adding some part these furnaces are also able to do the CVD process. Yaran Laboratory Tube Furnaces are designed and manufactured up to 1800⁰C (3270⁰F) and in horizontal, vertical, static, rotary, single zone or multi zone regarding the purchase order. Some options like PC connection, top door furnaces, tube rotation, etc. are possible to be considered in the design. The multipurpose vacuum connections on flanges are also flexible to work with all types of vacuum pumps or gas reservoirs.
Tube furnaces are used in melting, sintering, coating, nitrating, etc.

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