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Chamber Furnace - Model: YCF 1600-12 - Yaran Furnace
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Product Details

  • YCF 1600-12
  • Yaran Furnace
  • Iran
  • Resistance /Chamber /Front Loading
  • 12 liters
  • 1600 ℃
  • 1500 ℃
  • PID Controlled
  • 10 Steps
  • MoSi2
  • R / S
  • Ceramic Fiber Board
  • Air Circulation
  • 5 KW
  • External Thermocouple - Computer Connectable Controller - Pots (Graphite, Alumina, etc ,…)


These furnaces are employed for processes with defined oxygen percentages or 100% oxygen atmosphere. Processes involving nitrogen and argon are also possible, but for reaching to a high quality atmosphere, vacuum system with proper sealing could be utilized. Working temperatures of up to 1250°C are available.
Processes for piezo ceramic materials are possible and all oxide materials can be sintered.
The high grade insulation materials consist of vacuum formed fiber plates and guarantee low energy consumption and high heating rates, due to their low thermal conductivity.
The programmable PID temperature controller enables programming up to 8, 10 or 30 steps of heating, soaking and cooling. PC programming software is also available for JUMO controllers (Germany).
Other possibilities include the heat treatments of metals, crystal growth and the manufacturing of ceramic powders. Hydrogen processes are limited to 1000°C. Vacuum operation is only recommended in low vacuum ranges.
The heat treatments, brazing, degassing and debinding, pyrolyses, siliconization and sintering are some common uses of chamber furnaces.

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