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Chamber Furnace - Model: YCF 1700-6 - Yaran Furnace
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Product Details

  • YCF 1700-6
  • Yaran Furnace
  • Iran
  • Resistance /Chamber /Front Loading
  • 6 liters
  • 1700℃
  • 1600℃
  • Temperature control as PID
  • At least 10 program steps
  • MoSi2
  • Type R/S/B
  • Refractory ceramic and insulating boards
  • Blowing air by fan
  • 4 kilowatts
  • External thermocouple and computer controllable controller


Bakis or Mafli or Chimney furnaces are the most common and most used type of heat treatment furnaces. These types of furnaces are generally made in cubes and are used in all laboratories of the metallurgical, mechanical, electrical and electronics industries, oil and petrochemicals, chemistry, medical engineering, medical equipment, etc. In this type of furnace, thermal insulation is performed by fire resistant boards and ceramic fibers, and the role of heat production is played by metal or ceramic thermal elements. The thermal elements are located inside the enclosure and adjacent to the walls to provide high efficiency with low energy consumption. In Yaran Company, the design and production of this type of furnace is from 3 liters up to 30 liters and from a maximum temperature of 1250 to 1800 as standard, and in special applications, different volumes and higher temperatures up to 2200 can be ordered. Temperature control in these furnaces is carried out in PID with at least 10 planning steps. Cooling in these systems is done through air circulation fans (between the two devices and inside the control panel). Also, these systems have the ability to control the rate of warming and cooling from very slow to very fast rates.

Some of the uses of these furnaces are:

Thermal treatment of metals, ceramics, polymers and composites (annealing, tempering, carbonizing, nitriding, ...)

Sintering of metals, ceramics and composites

Brass metal-metal, ceramic-ceramic, ceramic-metal, ...

Baking or drying or evaporating waste from samples

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