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Sun Light Simulator
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  • NanoSAT-IIIS-200
  • NanoSAT
  • Iran
  • LED and Xenon lamps
  • has it
  • has it
  • 50 Plants Per Order
  • NanoSAT-IIIS-200 Solar System Simulator includes powerful fans and coolers for prolonging the life of the device, with three thermocouples for displaying LED temperature, electrostatic furnace color, and an approximate weight of 25 kg. Other features of this system are a 7-inch tablet device, standard solar cell, cell box and cell-based wiring harnesses. The peripheral device of this system is the device for identifying the solar cells (IV Curve Tracer). This device has a one-year warranty and five-year after-sales service by Nano Shot.


NanoSAT-IIIS-200 Solar System Simulator is designed and built on the basis of the use of light sources of LEDs alongside the xenon lamp with the aim of creating a radiation spectrum similar to that of a diverse range of the sun, to allow photovoltaic studies in the environment Provides the laboratory with ease and precision.

The features of this system include:

  • The use of 6 wavelengths of LEDs ranging from 390 nm to 1100 nm, along with Xenon radiation sources, to achieve a wide range of radiation spectra.

  • It is possible to accurately control the radiation intensity of six LEDs with 256 different modes with Android software via a tablet device.

  • Good spectral matching, uniform radiation, excellent temperature stability

  • The radiation region is uniform in area of ​​one inch square; about 2.5 in 2.5 cm2

  • The intensity of the light controlled from 0 to 1/3 times the intensity of the AM 1.5 spectrum of the sun (the ability to change the intensity of radiation in 256 steps)

  • Possibility to use special radiation wavelengths for the purpose of studying multilayered solar cells

  • Simulate a wide range of sunlight in accordance with different environmental conditions

  • Use of thermal sensors and electric cooling to increase the life span of light sources

  • Android-powered light source control app with a tablet device

  • Possibility to determine the working temperature

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