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Sun Light Simulator - Model: NanoSAT-IIIS-200 - NanoSAT
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Product Details

  • NanoSAT-IIIS-200
  • NanoSAT
  • Iran
  • LED and Xenon lamps
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  • 5 years old


NanoSAT-IIIS-200 Solar System Simulator is designed and built on the basis of the use of light sources of LEDs alongside the xenon lamp with the aim of creating a radiation spectrum similar to that of a diverse range of the sun, to allow photovoltaic studies in the environment Provides the laboratory with ease and precision.

The features of this system include:

  • The use of 6 wavelengths of LEDs ranging from 390 nm to 1100 nm, along with Xenon radiation sources, to achieve a wide range of radiation spectra.

  • It is possible to accurately control the radiation intensity of six LEDs with 256 different modes with Android software via a tablet device.

  • Good spectral matching, uniform radiation, excellent temperature stability

  • The radiation region is uniform in area of ​​one inch square; about 2.5 in 2.5 cm2

  • The intensity of the light controlled from 0 to 1/3 times the intensity of the AM 1.5 spectrum of the sun (the ability to change the intensity of radiation in 256 steps)

  • Possibility to use special radiation wavelengths for the purpose of studying multilayered solar cells

  • Simulate a wide range of sunlight in accordance with different environmental conditions

  • Use of thermal sensors and electric cooling to increase the life span of light sources

  • Android-powered light source control app with a tablet device

  • Possibility to determine the working temperature

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