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CVD Condensation System- Model: CVD-430Full - NanoSAT
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Chemical evolution of the vapor phase is one of the most widely used methods for the growth of nanostructures, especially one-dimensional nanostructures. During this process, the substances are returned to solid state through a gas condensation and chemical reaction in a gas environment, and a layer is deposited on a substrate. Generally, when it is germinating non-homogeneous and on a substrate, it is also referred to as a chemical vapor deposition (CVD). Generally, the process of chemical growth from the steam phase is carried out in a variety of domains, which are generally different in the preparation of the vapor of the primary material and the methods that trigger the chemical reaction.

Among the capabilities of various types of condensation system models from the chemical vapor phase of the nanoscale company are the following:

  • Orderable in the form of a tripod, a suitcase and a turntable suitcase
  • It has a high thickness quartz or alumina tube
  • High vacuum system with rotary, diffusion and turbomolecular pumps with necessary connections
  • Ability to work under different temperatures and atmospheres in one, two or three areas
  • The precise and independent control of the temperature of each area is due to the maximum closeness of the thermocouple with it
  • It has an accurate and independent gas flow system for several different gases using manual flowmeters or MFCs
  • It has a needle valve and a gas mixer before entering the reaction chamber
  • It has all the connections needed to set up a complete CVD system

This system, with the exception of the special cases mentioned below, has a one-year warranty from the company Nano Shot;
Injuries due to inappropriate transport, fluctuations in electricity, high fire or heat, blow and misuse, or failure to observe the instructions in the manual, any manipulation of the hologram and device by persons other than company representatives, shock and shock Electric to the device, fracture of thermal elements, fireproof slabs and impact-induced quartz tubes

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