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Gas Sensor Parameters - Model: GSCS-400 - NanoSAT
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  • GSCS-400
  • NanoSAT
  • Iran
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The device for determining the parameters of gas sensors is designed and tested for nanosensors produced in nano labs by a nanosecond team and is capable of testing resistance sensors, impedances, and so on. Also, due to the proper design and non-leakage of the sensor compartment, the device can measure the quantities of gas (carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, methane, ethanol, acetone, oxygen, etc.) to below 10 ppm and, by connecting to the computer It has the ability to record data, which ultimately results in sensitivity, response time and recovery time by plotting these data.

Other features of this system include:

  • The sensor is powered by an ultraviolet lamp with the ability to control the intensity from zero to maximum
  • Sensor temperature controller from ambient temperature up to 400 Celsius
  • Ohm meter with the ability to record and save information on the computer
  • Dynamic Sensor Capacity Using Two Differential Flow Controllers
  • LCR meter to check impedance sensors
  • Possibility to upgrade the system to simultaneously test multiple sensors according to the buyer's requirements and order

This system, with the exception of the following, has a one-year warranty from Nanotechnology Corporation;
Injuries due to inappropriate transport, fluctuations in electricity, high fire or heat, contact or penetration of corrosive chemicals, blow and misuse, or failure to observe the instructions given in the machine's manual, any manipulation of the hologram and the device by persons Except for company representatives, electric shock and electric shock to the device, physical damage to the electronic control system of the device

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