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Truck piston - Maniran
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Man Diesel :

A supplier of all accessories and spare parts, buses, trucks and fatal, Man and East buses and

The piston of heavy duty vehicles is a hollow cylindrical cylinder, covered on top of it, and the open end part connected by the shaft to the crankshaft; most of the internal piston diameter is larger in the open area, the length of the pistons of our truck is greater than their diameter More and, as much as possible, is made lighter, our fatal piston stature is higher so that it can transmit more heat. If the temperature is not transferred correctly, the risk of a higher risk of adhesion of the cylinder wall will be increased, so in the purchase Spare parts for lorries and dead bodies should be taken into consideration, be sure to purchase original and quality goods D.

Piston structure material :

Aluminum casting, Casting steel, cast iron

Piston forming parts :

Rim groove, piston surface, crown, head, piston body, finger hole

Piston Performance Method in Man Diesel Trucks, Automobile Buses and King Lang

The piston is the first movable spare part of the engine part that makes the released energy turn into combustion, the piston with rotational motion causes the oxygen to enter and the fuel entering into the truck cylinder and, by moving downwards, compresses the mixture of fuel and oxygen And as it raises, it releases the potential and, with the help of the shaft, this energy is transmitted to the crankshaft, and at the end the piston will release the gases created by the combustion of the cylinder.

Different cars are different, contact our advisers on the Maniaran to find out the price list for truck and bus pistons.

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