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Vacuum Oven - Model: YVO500-64H - Yaran Furnace
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Product Details

  • YVO500- 64H
  • Yaran Furnace
  • Iran
  • Vacuum Chamber - Front Loading
  • 64 Liters
  • 500℃
  • 450℃
  • 10-2mbar
  • PID Controlled
  • 10 steps
  • FeCrAl
  • Type K
  • Stainless Steel 304 / 316
  • Ceramic Fiber Board
  • Water Circulation In Flanges And Air Circulation
  • Needle Valves, Vacuum Package, External Thermocouple , Computer Connectable Controller


Vacuum and atmospheric control ovens are systems that, due to the sensitivity of the test material to the atmosphere (air) or the need to evaporate the sample solvent or bake and dry the material, their chamber is completely sealed and free of leakage design and production. And then the air inside the chamber is sucked by the vacuum pump and then the system is prepared for cooking and drying operations and ....

The source of heat in the ovens is mainly through the creation of heat in the thermal element (electrical resistance). These systems have been designed and produced in different types in terms of size and temperature in Yaran Company.

In these ovens, due to the need for a clean and dust-free chamber of the heating part of the system (heating elements and refractories), they are designed and installed outside the chamber and tangentially to the outer wall. It is directed inside the main chamber to maximize temperature accuracy. In the above-mentioned system, the main chamber is made of stainless steel grade 316 and all welding is done by argon welding method to show good resistance against solvents, acids and corrosive substances used in the tests. Hydro ring at the bottom of the O-ring groove behind the door flange, which cools the O-ring and the chamber lid, increases the useful life of the O-ring and the ideal sealing. Metal shields (made of stainless steel grade 316) which aim to concentrate radiation and heat towards the center of the chamber and also prevent direct heat from reaching the door in the form of concentric circles with regular distances from each other (in the role of multi-wall insulation) and A certain distance from the door is installed on the door flange. Spring-shaped metal heating elements made of "iron - chromium -aluminum" alloy through intrinsic electrical resistance play the role of generating heat in this type of furnace, so that by changing the length and diameter of the elements, their resistance and consequently the input current and voltage to They (output of the designed and embedded power circuit) will change. Therefore, the exact diameter and length of these elements must be carefully calculated to meet the calculated power of the device. The results and reports of these calculations are available and can be read in the technical documents of the company. In addition to the ability to control the heat, these ovens have the ability to add a cooling system (cooling) and also the entry of gas and control of the atmosphere through the feeder installed in the wall of the chamber.

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