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Polymeric and dual-wall moisture insulation with cement base - Paychem
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  • The product is offered according to the factory packaging. If needed, it can be in the volume of a container or pallet. Product offered The product in a package of 15 kg, carton contains 4 4-liter pieces. If you need a different order, you can order it from the factory with a larger package or a bundle


Two-component polymer insulation

Used: water fountain and fresh water tanks (inside and outside). To protect concrete against chloride and carbonate intrusion - To insulate and cover offshore foundations - Insulation

Nutlets - Insulation of underwater canals - Insulation of ports and docks and. . . .

This product includes a 15 kg powder and a 5 liter liquid. The amount of surface cover for a 20 kg package is 9 square meters.

According to the world standard:

Standard conforms: BS1881part5 1983 (ISAT) 476part6

DIN1048: part51991 (water permeability test)

Technical specifications :

Tensile strength:. N / M2 1.7

Equivalent to 30% 1.5mm Flexibility in layer thickness: Elasticity: more than 15% Density: 1.8

Toxic Ingredients: Zero (no toxins)

Applicable duration after mixing: 45 minutes

At 7 bars, no penetration, 2mm dft (DIN 1048) 7 times in thickness 2 mm water permeability:

> 3.64x 10 -4cm2 / sec CO2 diffusivity> 357m water evaporation:

SC> 89 cm, 1mm dft (SC: equivalent concrete thickness)

Chloride ion diffusivity: zero penetration At 90 days

Chloride Ion diffusion co eff: 1.04 x 10-7 cm2 / sec diffusion co eff: 27.6 x 10-6 cm2 / sec

Chloride ion infiltration: no infiltration in 90 days - oxygen permeation: eff; 27.6x10-6cm 2 / sec co

Resistance to chemical agents: very resistant to gasoline - diesel - sodium hydroxide - caci3

How to use: The surface should be free of dirt, grease and water

Pour the 5 liter liquid content into a container and gently add the 15 kg powder content (without the need to mix with any other ingredients), then mix the contents well.

 Applicable by: brush - broom - roller

Insulate in two layers (two turns). Execute each layer 1 mm and a total of 2 mm

(20 kg package cover is equal to 9 square meters in two layers)

The expiration date of the product is between 18 months to 24 months, which is a good time for consumption and sale.

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