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Insoluble Facade - Paychem
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Product Details

  • Pychem
  • According to the original packaging, the factory is manufactured in 5-liter containers and ordered and ordered in larger units.


This product is a one-component product consisting of a thermoplastic acrylic base (soft heat film)

As a protective layer with very high abrasion resistance and chemical agents.

It is recommended that this product be used as a protective coating for concrete and ceramic surfaces. This product is very good to stick to

It has both layers and it can prevent slipping on the slider surface using this product.

Product Application :

  • Suitable for covering surfaces or paints that are opaque or old (polishes and gloss surfaces)
  • Suitable for covering and glossy mosaic and granite surfaces and ...
  • Suitable for covering , polishing , glossing of concrete surfaces and closing of concrete level openings (sealing of concrete surfaces)
  • Suitable for sealing ceramic seams and all kinds of rocks
  • Suitable for covering the surface of timber and brick and so on

Advantages and product specifications :

  • High adhesion to all surfaces with spray or non-spray action (both modes)
  • High resistance to different atmospheric conditions and resistance to chemical agents
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Run very easy
  • It is recommended to avoid slipping and slipping at the surfaces (suitable for preventing slipping at the knee surfaces)

Product color : Transparent (pale yellow)

Density : 0.90

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