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Powdered adhesive for tile, stone and ceramic - Paychem
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Product Details

  • Paychem
  • Iran
  • Waterproof, durable, polymeric
  • In packings of 20 and 25, and if required by bulk or bundle in nylon packaging original packaging of the manufacturing plant


Tile adhesive cement base (powder) Polymer waterproofing for tile and ceramic tile - Mosaics-marble-stone carcasses

Sand - travertine-granite and so on (suitable for the body and floor)

Application of the product : Very good bonding in wet conditions - No slipping - Easy and economical operation - High adhesion to most structural substrates - Waterproof - Flexible and thin layer - Can be applied inside and outside the structure and building.

In trash and gray colors.

MIXTILE MTA Tile Adhesive is available in a 25kg package with a 20kg Tilted Tile.

According to global standards:

BS 5980-1980, (DIN EN 2004-2001) ANSI A.118.4

Density 1.8gm / ccapp

Coverage: About 2 kg of this product will cover one square meter. (Depending on the type of cushioning level) with thick mm 3 to mm 6

Combine a hexagonal tile adhesive in a 25-pound envelope with 6 to 7 liters of water.

Combine a white tile adhesive in a 20-pound envelope with 4.8 to 2.5 liters of water.

After mixing with water, wait about 5 minutes to completely dissolve the contents of the resins. Run time after mixing with water.

Approximately 30 minutes at a computational temperature of 30 degrees Celsius. Therefore, the composition of the tile adhesive powder with water should be done in terms of consumption and percentage requirements.

Tile adhesive should not be used on painted surfaces or metal coatings and better science appeared - the thickness of the adhesive between mm 6 mm 3 to use.

It is best to use a 6 mm groove for a shoulder (congress) shoulder. After the tile adhesive is applied on the surface (wall or floor), tile should be fixed on the adhesive by hand.

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