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Waterproof concrete powder - Paychem
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Product Details

  • Hyseal
  • Paychem
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Flour
  • It is packed in 800 grams and in cartons of 50. If required, the package size will be larger and more varied.


Technical Specifications and Application of Crystal Waterproof

Waterproof Crystal Concrete (for incorporation into concrete or mortar)

To the extent of 800 grams to cover a cubic meter of concrete

Waterproofing Water Tank - Water Canal Waterproofing - Water Shandler and Water Pipes - Water Dispenser - Bottom - Hollow

Waterproofing of concrete structures such as retaining walls and tiles and underground parking lots.

No need and secondary protection

4mm can be used to cover concrete cracks until it can be used as a concrete release coating. This material can be used to cover and repair Hyseal concrete by adding flood water (

The worm also used.

How to use:

Mix the required mix in concrete mixer tracks and mix for ten minutes. hyseal amount

Ingredients :

0.5 kg of silica sand - 0.1 kg of lime and sand gravel

0.5kg of targeted cement -0.20kg of Habsil concentrated

To prepare the gas slurry for sealing or removing concrete (1 ratio of water and 2.5 helix), one kilogram for one square meter each

Layer - Double layer or double layer.

Usually, 3 to 4 hours must pass from the first layer to run the second layer (to cover the depth of the crack 30 to 40 mm)

Product Size: 800 g and ordered on larger packaging

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