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Rust Remover - Paychem
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Product Details

  • Paychem
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Oxide eliminator
  • In the 20-liter and 4-liter packaging, it can be ordered in 220 liter or 200-liter containers


Technical specification and application of the ring on rebar and iron

The product is an acid base and is used to eliminate the rusting of iron and fittings. Removal of phosphate layer and rust

The rebar and the iron produced from the moisture. And after spraying or using the product with a brush, it is possible to do the painting or concreting operations.

Specification :

Eliminate the rusting of rebar before concrete.

Eliminate the rusting of iron before painting.

Product coverage: approximately 10m2 to 15m2 per liter between

Product Size: 1 liter and 20 liters spray


Technical Specifications :

The product is transparent to the liquid. Special mass: 1.37

Flammability point: 36c

Method of implementation:

This product is used by spraying, or by brush and even the impregnated fabric.

After the product has been run, wait 15 minutes for phosphate loss and iron oxidation to take place.

To remove excess rust, first remove the acid points with a spatula, then spray the RPD mix.

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