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Dual Fuel Burner - Model: GND 305 - Garm Iran
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Product Details

  • GND 305
  • Garm Iran
  • Iran
  • 550000
  • 250000
  • 550W



  • All industrial gas burners and dual and triple burner have a full line that includes valves, filters, gas, Pressure switches, Manometer mbar and additional accessories will not be entitled to receive a fee for these industries.
  • Garmiran company delivers control panel consists of switch, fuses, signals, terminal, bimetal, contactor with the torch for 1700000 KC capacity and doesn’t take overcharge.
  • Based on the willingness of customers, the butterfly valve can be installed in all burners.
  • It is possible to change the main components according to the elegance and requirement of client in limited standard features.
  • Factory reserves the right to change details without prior notice and in this respect is not guaranteed.

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