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Motor Oil API SF/CC
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Product Details

  • Khavaran
  • Iran
  • Motor Oil for cars
  • 60, 50, 40, 30, 20W50, 15W40
  • 4783
  • Bandar Abbas
  • Each box contains 6 plastic or iron plates with 4 liters capacity


This motor oil is made of mineral based oils and the additives needed for use in a variety of gasoline fueled vehicles and light diesel vehicles and also has good lubrication properties ,prevents friction, engine wear and has a proper viscosity. this motor oil has anti-abrasion and anti-oxidation materials.

1. Proper lubrication
2. Thermal stability and good oxidation resistance.
3. Cleanliness of combustion and oxidation residues.
4. Anti-wear engine parts for erosion control
5. Prevents corrosion of engine parts
6. Increased longevity and power as well
7. Easy start and quickly lubricates parts in low tempratures
8. Ability to maintain good heat removal from engine parts metallurgical structure
9. Controls oil consumption and cuts costs

1. For all types of gasoline engines and light diesel engines
2. Light diesel stationary engines
3. Four-stroke engines


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