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Hydraulic oil VG46
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  • خاوران
  • Iran
  • VG46
  • VG22, VG32, VG46 and VG68
  • 6423


Roozbehan hydraulic oil is made of mineral based oils and additives that are suitable to prepare a high thermal stability and good resistance to oxidation and also preventing sludge formation and nozzle clogging. Materials used in the hydraulic fluid cause rapid release of air bubbles and also due to the quick separation of oil from water, prevents water-oil emulsion and ultimately prevents destruction of the hydraulic system.

1. Prevents wear
2. Appropriate anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion
3. Corrosion protection
4. Clean system
5. Proper separation from water
6. Proper ability of filtration

1. Industrial hydraulic systems operating under mild to moderate temperatures
2. Hydraulic power transmission systems
3. Circulation systems
4. Bearings and gears
5. Compressors and Pumps

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