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Motor Oil 4 liters SC/CC
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Product Details

  • Iran
  • 4 liters SC/CC
  • SAE 40, 50, 15W40, 20W50
  • API SC / CC
  • 585
  • Bandar abbas
  • Each box contains 6 cans with 4 liters capacity


Roozbehan engine oil is made with the best single grade and multi-grade engine oil additives required for API SC / CC quality grade. this oil has a wide variety of applications in industrial machinery, passenger vehicles, gasoline or diesel fueled vehicles, agricultural and construction machinery and industrial engines.
1. Anti-wear properties
2. Prevent corrosion of engine parts
3. Maintains viscosity during operation
4. Avoids pressure drop
5. Very little evaporation
6. High thermal stability

1. Gasoline engines with efficiency level of API SC / CC
2. Light duty diesel engines under moderate conditions
3. Hydraulic systems and pumps
4. Agricultural machinery
5. Two-stroke engines and four-stroke marine style

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