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Cellulose Pad
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Product Details

  • 7090
  • Marsus
  • Iran
  • 60 cm
  • 150 cm
  • 10 cm
  • Yes
  • Prefabricated frames, tanks, pumps, and valves (with unique technology)
  • All ports
  • 500 Square Meters Per Order
  • 1 day
  • Each carton contains 6 Cellulose Pad. Carton Dimensions: 60*60*150


Evaporative cooling with Cellulose Pad is the most efficient way to cool down and air conditioning poultry farms, greenhouses and industrial factories. In this system, warm and dry become wet by passing the cellulose pad. Moist air absorbs Thermal Energy and exhaust it through exhaust fans. This method will be useful and efficient, if system elements have been calculated properly.

Our services for using this method is:

  1. Preparation and distribution of cellulose pad
  2. Sales according to geographic region
  3. Intelligent and modular design in pad frames for a variety of structures with no need to water distribution pads
  4. Extensive network in sales

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