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Torque limiter
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  • Karbod
  • Iran
  • 1000 Plants Per Order
  • 2 -3 months
  • Packaging will be according to customer opinion and in exchange to receive payment.


A torque limiter is an automatic device that protects mechanical equipment, or its work, from damage by mechanical overload. A torque limiter may limit the torque by slipping (as in a friction plate slip-clutch), or uncouple the load entirely (as in a shear pin). The action of a torque limiter is especially useful to limit any damage due to crash stops and jams.

Torque limiters may be packaged as a shaft coupling or as a hub for sprocket or sheave. A torque limiting device is also known as an overload clutch.

• Reduce the cost of damage and repairs devices

• Decreased sleep and increase the useful time for production

• Increase personnel safety because the control of events

• Reduce accidents in places that are not easily accessible and access to them needs high cost

• prevent further injuries and incidents out of control

• Protect sensitive and expensive devices, especially with sanctions

• Increased productivity because of all of the above points

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