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RLE (Radar Signal Environment Simulation)
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Product Details

  • Iran
  • Adjustable power, Frequency, Gain, Loss, Noise phase, Bandwidth
  • Rect ,Gaussian ,Hamming ,Hanning, …
  • Barker, BPSK, Custom Phase Pattern
  • Step FM, NLFM, Up LFM, Down LFM
  • PRI pattern and variable pulse width, Fixed, Jittered, Dwell & Switch و Staggered
  • Fix, Circular, Raster, Sectorial, PSL Adjustable,
  • positioning in range and ability of adjusting PDF type and clutter parameters
  • In base-band and middle-band
  • Fixed, Jittered, Dwell & Switch و Staggered
  • Fix , Circular , Raster
  • Capable of adjusting filter bandwidth and reduced rate
  • Match to the frequency modulation and phase
  • Filter Configurable
  • Simulator, Signal, Radar


Coherent and incoherent radar lab, enable accurate simulation of send and return signal from targets and environment and also processing coherent and incoherent radar signals with software. The hardware board available in this laboratory produces analog signal corresponded to interior frequency and also sampling of analog signals in order to enable the user to test and evaluate different part of their designed radar for real.

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