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Product Details

  • Behineh Pardazan Rizmoj Sanat
  • Iran
  • More than 250Km
  • Location, Speed, Height, Nationality
  • Portable and easy installation
  • In ADS-B in Real-Time mode
  • through LAN
  • Indoor and outdoor (1090 MHz)
  • Windows and Linux
  • 1 year
  • 5 years


VRR product is a signal receiver from aircraft transporter in S mode which is capable of detecting and recognizing the targets in ADS-B mode in the range of more than 250 Km. ADS-B is a Participatory monitoring system for tracking of aircrafts and works based on this rule which aircrafts receive their altitude from a navigation satellite and send the information repeatedly. The aircrafts receive these waves from the tower as a secondary radar. Thru this system, the location of aircraft is traceable. The low cost of installing and using this product compared to primary and secondary radars, makes VRR is an ideal product for airlines and airports.

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