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Chador Fabric for Prayers
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Product Details

  • Various Printed Models
  • Ardekan Textile
  • Iran
  • In Various Types
  • Printed Fabrics for clothing
  • PVF, Polyester Cotton, and Cotton Polyester Filament
  • 110-150 cm
  • Chador Fabric for Prayers
  • 120-180 gr
  • Based on the destination
  • It will be declared after reviewing the order
  • Items will be completed on the basis of “meter” and will be packed in the discard thinned of 40 meters in the form of book packaging or rolls. Finally, discard thinned will be marketed in the bales of 300 to 400 meters.


Printed Fabric (Chador), with 110 to 150 cm width, is commonly used in Iran and some other Muslim countries in the region. Ardekan Textile's products have special place in Iran.



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