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Tensile Tester - Model: TB-50T - Koopa Pajohesh
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Product Details

  • Universal Testing Machine
  • Electronic
  • TB-50T
  • Koopa Pajohesh
  • Iran
  • Wireless
  • ARM processor
  • Wedge clamps with pneumatic drive
  • with 0.0001 accuracy
  • Bending test equipment
  • Ability of operating tensile, pressure, and bending tests
  • Online software updates
  • Persian software compatible with all versions of windows
  • Automatic calculating of critical points, Young's modulus, proportional limit, elastic limit, modulus of thoughness, modulus of resilience,modulus of elasticity
  • Data transferring with the speed of 100 packet samples in second
  • All data of tests are saved to be recovered
  • 20 degree calibration, and extensometer calibration with the most accurate software math algorithms
  • English & Persian


-Based on the latest technologies of mechanics and electronic engineering and computer science.

-Force mechanism of accurate sevo control system including Koopa controller, servo drive, servo motor, torque increment and ball screw.

-This system can be used to perform tensile, pressure, and bending tests on different types of steel, plastics, wire, cable, and bolts.

-Printing the results of tests.

-Automatic calculation of critical points in the diagram of tension-bending, yield point, maximum tension, breaking point, and the possibility of displacing them by moving the curser and mouse.


                                         model TB1-5T    model TB1-10T     model TB1-20T     model TB1-30T     model TB1-50T

Nominal capacity                 5T/50KN         10T/100KN            20T/200KN            30T/300KN               50T/500KN

Head speed (mm/min)           0.001 to 1250    0.001 to 520         0.001 to 436          0.001 to 320             0.001 to 353

Displacement course of         60cm                 60cm                   60cm                    60cm                      60cm

the moving head

Maximum manual speed         1250                  520                        436                      320                        353

Force measuring accuracy      %0.01             %0.01                   %0.01                    %0.01                     %0.01 

Displacement measuring          0.6µm             0.1µm                  0.1µm                   0.1µm                        0.1µm


Weight (Kg)                               400                 550                     750                           900                        1400




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