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Company Introduction

Asid Charban Chimi Co. (AS) is one of the largest industrial units producing fatty acids and glycerin in Iran. It was established on a land with a total area of ​​20,000 square meters and was registered in the year 1383 with the registration number 35639, and has been in operation since 1386. Is.
The welcome of the products of the company resulted in the board of directors to set up the Azaran Distillery Sahand Company in 1393 with the registration number 38332 and in 1395 with the grace of divine grace and the new development in the field of production of various fatty acids And glycerin.
The total number of acid-acid-acid companies and Azan-e-Sahat Sahand Co. has a production capacity of 12,000 tons of fatty acid and 3200 tons of glycerine, consumed as the main raw materials of paint and resin factories.
The acid chemistry company, with a decade of high quality production, has a variety of fatty acid products such as rapeseed fatty acid, sunflower oil, soybean fatty acid, fatty acid grade 2, fatty acid grade 3, and glycerin types.
We hope to share the diversity and quality that we have created in our products in the development and self-sufficiency of our beloved country.
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