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Company Introduction

Mareven Group represents a group of companies that produces, processes and distributes products of food industry. The Group companies cover all stages starting from new brand development and production till the final consumer.
Principal products of Mareven Group include instant noodles, instant mashed potatoes, bouillon, varieties of pasta and macaroni, ingredients for professional cooking.
Along its nearly twenty-year history, the Group has been following principles that ensured its leading position on the food markets in Russia and Ukraine:
- constant quality control
- innovative production technologies
- exploitation of local raw materials and labour resources
- optimum price/quality ratio.
Mareven’s major production and logistics complexes and distribution networks are located at the territory of Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.
Its own Centre for Innovative Technologies Mareven is located in the Moscow Region, Russia, and carries out research in the sphere of food safety, implements new methods of analysis in the food industry in order to guarantee quality and safety of its products as well as develops new innovative technologies and products.
All Mareven’s products conform to the highest quality management standards set by ISO 9001:2008.
Brand portfolio of Mareven includes well-known trademarks such as ROLLTON, BIGBON and Mareven Food Professional.
The Group companies continuously invest in upgrade and automation of production processes, development of logistics infrastructure which allow to cover the markets of Europe, Asia and Africa, to supply high quality products.
Moreover, Mareven Group adheres to the strict environmental standards, contributes to the economic development of the regions of its presence and community welfare.
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Company Advantages

Mareven Group strengthens its positions every year by investing in research & development activities, expanding its production facilities and constantly updating its infrastructure. An integral condition of operations of each of the Group companies is observance of strict environmental standards, attention to development of entrepreneurial culture and community welfare, and active participation in charitable programs. We consider social responsibility an important component of our strategy. Mareven Group works for the benefit of the society and it is aware of the importance of its contribution to improvement of the quality of people’s lives in the regions of presence of its subsidiaries, placing an emphasis on projects aimed at preservation of health and promotion of healthy lifestyle.

The meaning and substance of our day-to-day operations is determined by the Group values:

Customer focus. We aspire to gain comprehensive understanding of preferences and wishes of our clients, partners and end users. Our efforts are aimed at improvement of customer satisfaction with Mareven’s products and operations in general.

Teamwork. Achievement of pre-established objectives and adherence to corporate values is shared by all employees of the Group. This enables us to promptly respond to the demands of the constantly evolving market conditions, continuously improve ourselves and to increase our potential.

Striving for perfection. We have been building a modern business based on the latest developments and technologies, relying on a constructive, respectful and open dialogue with all market players.

Innovations. We are always prepared to open up new horizons, continuously create and implement new initiatives, both for improvement of customer and partner satisfaction and for enhancement of business performance.

Achievement of successful results. We set challenging goals and assume responsibility for the final result.

Mareven Group mission serves us as a guide in defining the strategy of the Group:

Creation of high-quality, healthy, convenient, tasty and modern foodstuffs with the optimal price/quality ratio by anticipating consumers’ wishes. We build the win-win relationship with our customers (based on the principle of mutually beneficial cooperation) and offer them only the best services.
Maintaining a competitive system of compensation, remuneration and labour conditions. Our work environment promotes maximum realization of the intellectual potential, assists the employees in advancing their skills, strengthens their professionalism and offers them an opportunity for career growth.
Constantly working at enhancement of business performance and assurance of long-term development of the Group companies by assuming responsibility for paying back the equity capital invested in the Group.

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