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Company Introduction

Lichal Painting Industries started its activity in 1362 with the production of various products in the field of industrial and building paints under the names of Hima, Sam and Laden, and at the same time as the development and variety of products, its new activities in the field of producing insulators The moisture content of the polymer base has been co-ordinated in Rhino Yasabbod Company. Nowadays, using modern technologies, the company delivers innovative, unique and knowledgeable products with the same color and waterproof features, under the brand name of Lilak. The new products of the company are in several general categories: 1) Polymeric insulators; 2) Polymeric insulators; 3) Polymeric insulating and protective coatings; 4) Polymeric tiles; 5) Polymeric insulators - Primer coatings; 6) Polymer-primer; 7) Polymeric water bottles that can be used for a variety of applications, including metal, concrete, wood, brick and building materials.
The Lilak Coloring Industries Company has the necessary licenses to operate the Ministry of Interior, the Standards of the National Organization for Standardization and ISO 9001, and is a permanent member of the Color Collection Association of the country. The products of this company include all basic polymer insulators, oil coatings, epoxies, polyurethanes, solvent primers, water based paint and acrylics, thermoplastic paint and other color and insulation derivatives, but the unique properties of base insulations The new polymer and the knowledge base of this company are capable of customizing them in accordance with the customer's requirements and specifications. The employees and the company's managers hope that as the company realizes the goals of lowering customer costs, improving the quality of products and supporting Iranian products, they can take effective steps to increase customers' satisfaction by relying on their indigenous customers.
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Company Advantages

1) durability and high strength
2) long-term shelf life
3) Adhesion and integrity with metal and concrete substrates
4) High speed run
5) Proper watering
6) Antibacterial and Algae
7) Resistant to erosion and wear
8) Suitable prices in comparison with foreign samples
9) Flexible Flexibility
10) Sealing and sealing properties
11) Resistant to acid, alkali and salt
12) Ideal after-sales service
13) Internal supply chain and resistant to foreign sanctions
14) A wide range of custom colors
15) Imposing a very deadly dead load on structures and facilities
16) Possibility to create diverse and beautifully colored designs on structures and facilities
17) Resistant to tensions resulting from shrinkage and severe expansion
18) Heat and shock resistant with antistatic properties
19) Ability to implement in various thicknesses
20) Reducing the time and cost of running through the provision of customer coverage in thickness and frequency less
21) Environment friendly

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