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Company Introduction

Yazd Rubber Industrial Complex was established in 1995. First, the company stared its activity with producing tires and tubes for bicycles and motorcycles with annual capacity of 13500 tons through technology and service contracts with Japanese IRC Company. Shortly after, new types of bias tubes and tires for lightweight pickups and passenger automobiles were added to the company’s productions. Regarding to change of consumption patterns in the country, one of the most important actions of the company has been the manufacturing of radial tires in 2007 using the official technology of Netherlands “Vredestein” Company with the trade mar of “Vredestein” marked on the tires. Today, all productions of Yazd Tire Industrial Complex are presented in domestic and foreign markets with the brand name “YAZD TIRE”.
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Company Advantages

In the very first step of developing radial tires, 15 different sizes of tires for passenger cars with 13”, 14”, 15” and 16” rings were produced. These 15 Sizes were classified in 5 groups of different designs which are still popular in the markets. In the further steps of developing productions, the company focused on diversity of sizes and increasing the annual production capacity for higher level of customer satisfaction and to meet the needs of Iranian automaker companies and domestic and foreign markets, new types of radial tires for pickups and passenger cars (PCR, LTR) were added to the production line. Today, the number of tire designs has increased up to five times as well as the annual production capacity tripled and the export of company’s products which started in 1997 has been expanded and through export to 15 foreign countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and Australia continents, Yazd Tire Industrial Complex has been selected as the top exporter of the country multiple times.
The essential of Yazd Tire success is its ability to present high quality products with on time delivery and after sales services.

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